It’s decided ! We have been awaiting this moment for quite some time now, and this moment is finally coming true.


What led to this choice ?

At his beginning, VR Tacker was only shared so other people build their own. That was it, just sharing information, not looking to build a product. But people started asking me for developper packs, or finished product, because it takes a lot of time and knowledge to build a set of VR Tracker.

Therefore is setup this website to measure how many people are interested in the system and count pre-orders signup. I haven’t done much communication on it, now advertising at all.

As we are closing in 100 pre-order, we decided that this is enough data to get serious with VR Tracker. We also received a lot of demands for Escape Rooms and Lasertag. So here we are, 2 people joined the Team this summer, we planned a development for the final product and are working on it as we speak !


Why aren't you going to production already ?

The last version that is on Github is still a prototype version. It allows us to test it, to find out what’s to improve, and to get feedback from the community. We learned a lot from those prototypes, but we need to work on a more robust version before going to production. For example the Gateway software is going from Python to C++, the electronic is home brewed, not the expensive Pixycam anymore. We are removing the OpenCV library which is pretty heavy, to implement our own algorithm and have more control over them.

Also prototypes are too hard to install, simply because we didn’t needed any tools to help us as we were the only one playing with it. To solve that problem we are working on a range of tools and applications to make it easy to setup and calibrate.


What's new ?

Are you wondering what we are adding to the final version ? Good, I’m happy to share it with you !

  • We are adding an 9DOF accelerometer in every Tags so you can get its orientation, and also mouvement to improve accuracy.
  • We are adding external GPIO to the Tags, so you can turn them into controllers : connect buttons, LEDs, rangefinder…
  • The Gateway allow each User to have more than one Tag
  • Interconnection between Gateways for large setups to decrease the load (Laser Tag, Escape Rooms)
  • Automatic FPS depending on the load on the Gateway
  • A Master interface to control what’s going on (battery level of the Tags and Users, how many people connected…)
  • Battery extension for the Cameras
  • Multiplayer
  • Many things I cannot think about right now XD
What's the plan ?

We are working on the final version until September, then we will do some presentations of the system, test it with more people, make demonstrations and try to have more traction around this project. We will have to incorporate, and might do some KickStarter like campaign… 😮

We will start working with suppliers in October to build early birds versions that might be mostly 3D printed and we will try to ship the firsts around October/November. Thanks to the feedback received on the early birds we will make some corrections and improvements and design the final release in December so it could ship in early 2017.

Of course our goal is to build a product that match in the best possible ways your needs, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you want, what you like and dislike about VR Tracker. It is very important to us !



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