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VR Tracker started simply with one goal in mind : provide an affordable way to do multiplayer position tracking for VR. Now that we are bringing the final touches, we need to prepare for the next steps. Those next steps, they actually came from you : many asked us which games were compatible with VR Tracker to use in your future VR Arcade. The problem is that we did not developed games, we assumed it would be your job… We could also have made the tracking compatible with standard Oculus games for example, but it wouldn’t have been interesting as those game are only designed for a single player.

For months we have been thinking about it… How could we offer a “kit” for all of you who wanted to open a VR Arcade but without having to develop any game or software / hardware ? Should we develop our own games ? How do you run the Arcade, start the games etc ?
Earlier this year we decided we should create a “sub-division” of VR Tracker, especially aiming at the VR Arcade market, and called it Torrus VR. The goal : offer a turnkey solution to open a true multiplayer VR experience. “Turnkey” means we will supply everything, from the VR hardware including VR headsets, tracking and networking equipment, to the games, and management dashboard and an installation service.


Are we going to develop the games ?

Yes and No, we will work on some to learn what makes multiplayer VR experiences great. And we started by opening test sessions every Friday afternoon where you can come to our offices and test the game. But we don’t want to become a game studio. Our goal is to make deals with game studios and just adapt their existing games into VR Arcade games. This is not the future, it already started and we are currently working on the first games adaption !


When will it be available ?

Torrus will start installing the first Arcades in July 2018, first with the light edition using Oculus Go and by the end of August with wireless headsets and PC for high end games. If some of you are interested with getting started with an early version head over Torrus website for more informations :  


Go To ToRRus Website

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