Where is VR going? E3 VR Roundup


Where is VR going? E3 VR Roundup

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Part of my job here at VR Tracker is to keep up with all VR trends, be it in relation to games, applications, or new software. One thing is clear, VR is getting bigger. Yet, not all markets and industries seem to be growing or adopting VR at the same rate. Here is my take on where VR seems to be going, based on the announcements we’ve heard so far in E3.

For those of you who don’t know what E3 is, it’s the biggest expo of video games in the world it happens once a year in Los Angeles. The biggest names in the industry hold enormous press conferences or showcases, and present the games they will be publishing within the next year. Companies who have presented so far (or at least those that I have seen) include: Sony, Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Intel. Each one of them presented at least one game for Virtual Reality (except for Nintendo).

While watching, I had some key takeaways, most notably the fact that Microsoft has completely moved away from VR by launching the XBOX One X, a console that does not support VR. They are obviously trying to differentiate themselves from Sony, who has had a very successful run with PSVR. It makes sense but it limits the growth of content creation for VR.

Other than that, we have Bethesda who showed us Doom VR and Fallout4 VR, and Ready at Dawn who announced Lone Echo and Echo Arena. These games looked fun, although I have a feeling that these games might create some nausea, more specifically the way you move in Fallout 4 and the whole zero gravity in Lone Echo. We will have to wait and see about that. Another interesting announcement is the Esports approach Intel wants to push trough Echo Arena.  It all makes sense, VR requires a great graphics card and processor and Intel provides the later, it benefits them. Echo Arena is a game that resembles the whole strategy minded game played in the movie Ender’s Game.For the next year we can expect to see these titles in VR.

Games are moving away from the classic sit and shoot, developers seem to be finding ways to have players move, without actually moving. Yet, how cool would it be to walk in these games? It would just make everything easier and more immersive. Don’t worry it will soon be here.

Anyways, E3 was very exciting, not as many VR games as we would have hoped, but we still got some amazing non-VR games. All Nintendo titles as usual are innovative and party-like. Ubisoft titles are still very polished, have amazing graphics and flawless mechanics. Sony games are a mix of both, lot of new stuff, cool mechanics (specially from the Spider-Man game) and great graphics. Microsoft tried to push it a step further with the whole 4k, but they might have overdone it, I do not recommend having a drinking game while watching their press conference and drinking every time they say 4k. Bethesda had a very joyful press conference, always fun to watch. Overall, a great show and I am super excited for the end of this year, a lot of great titles coming out.

On a closing note expect to see a video by next week, we have our Single player demo ready, just need some time to shoot and edit it!

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