Tracker Update : Add a Second LED extension for better orientation

Orientation drift, that was the last big issue we encountered, and today it is solved ! 

A quick overview of the issue

As a reminder, the issue with the orientation was related to the absolute Yaw precision, to all all trackers (and users) look at the same direction. Very important to walk straight ! The problem is due to the lack of precision of magnetometer in buildings. For a full description of this problem you can read a previous post on the matter.

The solution

The solution was simply to add a second LED on the tracker to create a direction vector that would give us optically the absolute orientation of the tracker. 


Want to learn more ? Watch this :


Install your Second LED Extension

If you already of V3 Tag and just need the extension, you can buy the upgrade kit here :


Order Second LED Upgrade Kit



Accuracy Test

Of course we took that upgrade in a test run to show you its precision and what it does ! In this demo, we are using the IMU in 6DOF only, meaning no magnetometer. You will see the tracker first calibrates very quickly, in  about 30 seconds, then the second time it take a bit more time (2-3 minutes) to become accurate. The orientation is calculated in the Tracker, and can take around 2-3 minutes usually, depending on camera coverage. You can see a precision close to 1° arrives quite quickly, and it keeps improving continuously over time !



Enable the Second LED in Master Control

The final step is to enable the feature in the Dashboard, to make the all system aware this tracker has 2 LEDs.

  1. Open your Master Control
  2. Scroll to Tags section
  3. Choose the tag to set, and make sure the switch at the bottom is OFF as below (Tag in the middle)

  4. Enter the values “X dist”, “Y dist” and “Z dist”. Those values are the distance from the first LED to the second. X is right, Y is forward and Z is up. 

  5. Hit the switch !

Done =)

Final words

In conclusion this update is a must ! It really improves the orientation quality and therefore the overall tracking, making it fully ready for your next VR experience !


Order Second LED Upgrade Kit


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