Torrus first game is out : Toy’s Uprising

With Torrus we are aiming at releasing a complete package for a turnkey VR experience. And today we are proud to announce that our first game is out !

Toy’s Uprising is a cooperative survival shooter designed for all the family. The game takes place in a Toy Story like environment where you have to survive against waves of enemies, protect each other as long as possible until you defeat the boss.
The average duration is 12 minutes.

The game runs on any PC VR headset, and on Oculus Go and Gear VR.

Toy’s Uprising is great a wide and familial audience. That game will fit perfectly in game centres, vacation centres and malls.



We have been testing this game with hundreds of people at our office with children camps and in trade shows and as you can see in the video : people are having a lot of fun !

What about motion sickness ? We have seen almost none ! Less than 1% of people.

Interested in Games ? Let us know, we offer the games in Torrus package along with the Dashboard to control the room.

If you are a Game studio developing your own game and are interested in selling it to VR Arcades contact us to see how we can integrate it in our catalog 🙂

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