It’s time to start developing!

Motion tracking


As you might have noticed, a lot of things have been brewing here, a new test room, some changes in our staff and a lot of new programs we are taking a part in! Our motion tracking system, is now better than ever. Our changes will be updated this week, look forward to that. We have increased the capacity of our motion tracking system, and it can now reliably support up to 6 tags!



With all of this in mind we turn to you, our developers. It’s time to start developing. In a month or two we should be able to provide great experiences in a 100 squared meters room. With this in mind, there is no time to waste. We know that developing a game or an experience for an indie developer is not easy, it takes time.

This is why we are having this call to action now. We want you to have an experience ready when we fully release our system. Our current developer pack is perfect to start developing right away. We can even give you access to our zombie demo to allow you to have an idea what sort of experience people are developing!


Perfect for testing

One great thing about having your dev pack in hand is to be able to just download the application to your phone and test it right away. The system is stable and reliable enough for you to test your experiences right away. We even have an unity plugin to make everything so much smoother, testing with VR Tracker has never been easier.

How awesome is this? We are seeing the line at the end of the tunnel. Our developers pack are up in our store, go check it out! Make sure to also like us on facebook and follow us on twitter, where we post some very cool news and pictures every now and then.

We are extremely excited with everything coming up, having a time frame of one month or so before an incredibly stable system is amazing. Let’s start developing together!


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