Our Team

Jules Thuillier


The leader. He takes care of everything related to business, marketing, coding and motivating. He is an active and ambitious entrepreneur. His mixed set of skills allows him to support and assist the entire team.

Alexandre Mao


Our head coder, the brain behind the art. He has the spirit of the entrepreneur with a kick of expertise and knowledge. In addition to his coding skills he is also a vivid gamer and passionate about virtual reality.

Jérémie Jasmin


By developing games and demos, he allows us to showcase the potential of our product. His creativity mashes perfectly with his coding skills, allowing him to materialize whatever he imagines, effectively.

Daniel Carvalho

Marketing & Business

Young, driven and ambitious. In charge of all marketing aspects and most business matters. Passionate about gaming and technology, he is a key member of our team contributing with our coders and alleviating pressure.

Our Mentors