Prototyping Body Tracking with IMUs

Simple Body Tracking with 5 Tags

Motion tracking

It’s time to start developing!

  As you might have noticed, a lot of things have been brewing here, a new test room, some changes in our staff and a lot of new programs we are taking a part in! Our motion tracking system, is … Read More

VR Tracker has a Plan

As we are getting close to the expected amount of pre-order to start a production, we had to come up with a real plan to go from a prototype to a real end product. With the prototypes, we validated that … Read More

Demonstration 2

Calibrate your VR Tracker Installation

Here is how to calibrate VR Tracker system. This is a one time calibration, explained step by step.

Installation of VR Tracker System

Install VR Tracker Cameras step by step, with advices and explanations

Assemble the Cameras : build your 3D Position Tracker for VR

  Today I am going to show you how to use and improve the main component of your 3D position tracker to improve your virtual reality experience : the camera. The cameras are based CMUcam5 from Charmed Labs which is a … Read More

A quick demonstration of VR Tracker

VR Tracker is an open source Positional Tracker for VR experience. It is compatible with every VR headsets and will allow you to move around in a large room ! Here is a demonstration of the capability of VR Tracker … Read More