Meet the Team

VR Tracker is no more a single man project ! I (Jules) have been developing the prototypes alone, and published it on Hackaday to share this with the Open Source community. As people started asking me for Developer Packs I … Read More

Getting accurate position data

Getting accurate data from sensors in robotic is always complex, and getting accurate position with cameras is almost the same problem : The data we get (either from sensors like an accelerometer or GPS, or from camera) can be shaky. … Read More

Demonstration 2

New Calibration tool : Calibrate in 1 minute chrono !

This is just a quick post to give you the link to the new calibration tool I developed to help making calibration easier. Here is the page : Calibration Tool. It is a simple web page, creating HTML5 WebSockets that … Read More

Calibrate your VR Tracker Installation

Here is how to calibrate VR Tracker system. This is a one time calibration, explained step by step.

Installation of VR Tracker System

Install VR Tracker Cameras step by step, with advices and explanations

Unity Plugin is here !

You can finally download Unity plugin here : Here is how it work : It just contains two files, VrTrackerUser and a DLL. The main file VrTrackerUser handles the connection to the Gateway and is asynchronously updated when a new position is … Read More

Assemble the Cameras : build your 3D Position Tracker for VR

  Today I am going to show you how to use and improve the main component of your 3D position tracker to improve your virtual reality experience : the camera. The cameras are based CMUcam5 from Charmed Labs which is a … Read More

A quick demonstration of VR Tracker

VR Tracker is an open source Positional Tracker for VR experience. It is compatible with every VR headsets and will allow you to move around in a large room ! Here is a demonstration of the capability of VR Tracker … Read More