Tag Version 2 are now available !

For those in hurry and who don’t even want to know what’s new, here is the link to the shop !

Now let’s get into the details you have been awaiting for… So what is new with this tracker and how will it improve my tracking ?

I. A new shape = less occlusion



As you can see the shape is quite different. After installing VR Tracker at many different we found out that it is not always easy to install the Camera high enough (4 meters) to have them look down on the Tag. And when they are too low (2.6 meters in our current office), the Tags gets easily occluded when tilting them, or tilting your head for example. This is because the dome could only be seen at 220° on two axes and 360° on the Y axis.

You could find an explanatory video here :

We started the research on improving this exactly 4 months ago, and here is the solution ! That new shape with an external IR LEDs circuit on the top is much harder to hide from the camera when the tilting the Tag.


II. Goodbye orientation drift

The second major issue with the Beta was the orientation drift on the Y axis. Even though the IMU we were using was already a very good one, we went with an even better version that corrects the orientation drift.
With the previous version you could switch the Tag off/on twice and have a different orientation along the Y axis, simply because it was not aware of the magnetic north.
With this new version, all Tags know were the North is and you won’t have to set the orientation on start anymore. You will just set the offset in the Dashboard between the magnetic north and your room orientation, chosen when calibrating.


III. Replaceable battery

As the Tag run for about 3 hours on battery, we believed that for applications like VR Arcades it would be easier to change the battery than the all Tag.
It also allows you to plug bigger batteries and it is easier to integrate the Tag in an accessory (Gun, controller etc).


IV. Made for integration

The circuit is designed to be easily integrated in new devices. First 2 holes in the circuit allows you to fix it. For example we use those holes with screws to assemble everything together with the headset holder as seen below :


The Tag can be almost fully integrated in an accessory (Gun, controller) and just have the IR LEDs circular circuit (12mm diameter) outside. Therefore everything is hidden and clean !
Have a look below at our new controller, the Tag circuit is inside, along with the battery, 2 extra buttons and a trackpad. The IR circuit is simply on the top.




V. More is coming ?

If you receive your Tag you will find out an audio Jack connector. Is is to connect a microphone ? NO ! It is to connect more sensors ! For example you could connect up to 4 external IMUs (orientation sensors) to track for example your arms orientation.
Another board that is coming is a Digital IO expander, allowing you to connect up to 16 IOs (switch, LEDs etc…).

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