Tag Calibration

For those who have the new version of the tag, here are the steps to ensure that they will be calibrated fine.

The new tags have an orientation correction, that will help them to correct the orientation that they are providing to you. To ensure that you are receiving the good data from the new tag, follow these few steps to calibrate them.

1. Turn on the tag

Just after turning on the tag, let it do a first calibration step, by leaving it a few second (5-10 seconds) on a plane surface.

2.Let’s move the tag

Now it’s time for some exercise, the tag need your help ! Move the tag in an 8 movement like in the picture below. Try to make them as large as your body, about 10 times should be enough.

3.Let it rest

Now after all these effort, you should take a rest ;), so as the tag, let it on a plane surface for a few seconds (5-10 seconds). The

4.Align with your Calibration axis

Here is the most important part : align your tracker with the axis you have chosen the during the calibration. The goal here is to save the offset between your axis and the magnetic north.


5.Save the offset

Don’t forget to save the offset. On the dashboard, just select a tag, and get it offset, here is a picture on how to place the tag. You can adjust the value, if you need to.tag offset example

To do so, just click on the “Get Orientation Button”, it will update the value in the input field below (Here with 33.38…). And save this value by pressing the “Save Tag Offset” button.

You will receive the information on the user, and everything should be good with the new plugin :).