Our Test Room

Last week something great happened to us. We got offered a 50 square meters room to have our tests in. The best thing about having an entire room for us is that we can wire it. Even though our equipment works using wi-fi and batteries (both cameras and trackers), having the cameras wired through ethernet really reduces latency and helps us get the most out of our test and game.

Meanwhile, in our developer’s area our first demo game is almost ready and in a week or two we should be able to get people here to get a first-hand experience at the tech. Another thing coming in a week or two is that we should be making a video to show investors, developers, VR arcade owners, Lasertag owners and fans of virtual reality what the tech is capable off and get the hype train started.

More about our game, it is a zombie co-op, where players fight off waves of zombies. The setting is an old haunted manor, the players currently can only fight in the main entrance of the manor, but we should be adding teleporters to have players change rooms every few waves. The HUI has a lot of practical functionalities, such as having an arrow show up when the player is close to a wall, general instructions as well as your regular HUI with bullet count and your health.

The great thing about doing things for the first time is the challenge of it. We are coming up with solutions every day regarding how practical our tech is to developers and arcade owners. One great example is the size of the room. It is not optimal to have a game that only works in a specific room (due to wall placement). A solution that we came up with was to always have the virtual room larger than your actual room. This way, the game works with any smaller sized room. The only thing that changes is were the “limit” is. Meaning that developers would just have to adjust the play area and not the room size. We came up quickly with a squared white powder that you see on the floor and understand that that is your play area. The real wall does not have to be a wall in the game, saving hours of coding. Other options would be adding a river, a cliff, lava, objects, or anything that allows the player to understand where the play area is.

Finally, we have ordered new accelerometers that have improved functionalities and we have also been looking towards a new look for our hardware to make it look extra crisp for our launch later this summer. A lot of exciting things are coming make sure to check back again for all of it!


  1. Maciej Nowak

    Do You know when demo game will be ready? I really appreciate your work guys

    • JulesThuillier

      Hi !
      The single player demo is already done and we are working on the multiplayer and spectator mode. It should be done within a week, but we won’t be able to release the source because it includes paid plugins. We will release compiled applications though 😉

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