Our Team

If this was our plan, it would have probably failed. The team that we have gathered here comes from almost every continent. Diversity was not intended, but we cherish it. Having people with different cultures and points of view is one of our strengths. It increases our reach and our potential.

Our team is composed of five members. Three of which are coders, one marketer and one hardware designer. All of us are young and driven and ready to tackle the challenges of running and growing a start-up.

Out of the five members, our two original ones are doing well, both Alexandre Mao and Jules Thuillier are still striving to become the best they can be to give us a chance to succeed in this ever-changing technological era. The three new members, Daniel Carvalho, Emmanuel Ngue and Jérémie Jasmin, came in to help us go the extra mile. All three with very specific and essential tasks for our steady growth.

The first, Jérémie Jasmin is, just like Alex and Jules, a coder. He is currently working on building demos and games for us to display on our website and demonstrate the potential of our product. Naturally his work will allow people to really understand what we do and where we want to go with this. His day to day work will also allow us to understand the limitations of our technology and what we can do to improve it. At the same time, it will allow us to understand and answer any questions developers might have. Finally, he brings fresh new ideas with his creative background that can help us explore other aspects of the technology and think out of the box regarding applications.

The second, Emmanuel Ngue, recently arrived in Montreal. He is our product designer. His short and long-term objectives will be to make sure our hardware is functional and practical for our users. Be it by adding adapters and ways to make cameras easily attachable to every surface or by making sure our parts allow the hardware to breathe properly and not overheat. His hard work and sweat are essential to both our availability and success.

The third, Daniel Carvalho, is a marketer. He will help us reach new heights by making sure all aspects of marketing and customer relations are being treated properly. He will oversee the web site, customer relation, social media, business development, business planning, supporting and relieving our engineers and naturally writing these articles. We hope that having a marketer in our team will allow us to be more visible, presentable and go in the right direction.

Together they make up the new batch of team members we have brought in. They are surely essential to our plan of launching in early July. By then if everything goes according to plan, we will have a full functional software, demos, effective hardware, and a great marketing base to communicate this. Be sure to check back again with us every week as from now on we will always have exciting new articles, news and updates on our way to an exciting launch and summer, for those of us north of the equator, naturally.


  1. Han Ooi

    Great! I have ordered you units. Does this mean you guys will be more responsive to my questions?

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Hi Han, I’m Daniel and I’m in charge of customer support, I will be able to answer any question you might have. Jules and Alex were handling a lot of things in the past, I joined the company just last week, so from now on you should have your questions asap.

  2. Jorge Londono

    Hi Daniel, Does your kit allow you to play multiplayer for 6 players?

    In what maximum area can you play?


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