New Calibration tool : Calibrate in 1 minute chrono !

This is just a quick post to give you the link to the new calibration tool I developed to help making calibration easier. Here is the page : Calibration Tool.

It is a simple web page, creating HTML5 WebSockets that will connect to the Gateway and start calibration sequence. This page will only work if you are connected to the Gateway’s Wifi or at least be on the same Wifi.

Here is how you calibrate the system :

  1. Click “Connect”
  2. Put the Tag a know 3D position (X-Y-Z), make sure all cameras can see it
  3. Enter this know position into the X,Y,Z fields
  4. Click “Add New Calibration Point”
  5. Go back to step 2 until you have collected enough points (minimum is 4)
  6. Click “End”

You can see on the message log some 3D arrays appearing, looking like that “[ [123.34], [837.21], [143.90] ]“. Those arrays are the real world 3D positions of each camera. You can verify if it checks out with the world space you choosed for the Tag 3D positions.

Later I’ll make another calibration system for a each camera, so it works on large space covered by different cameras.

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  1. JunYan

    Good work!!

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