Look at the new Master Control

After two months of use, we received many emails asking for help debugging the system. Usually it was only small troubles, but it took us time to figure out their origin.
Therefore the new master control is aiming at giving you more informations on the system status. It will help you setting up the system, finding out what is connected, the software version, and many things we will go through in this post !

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New dashboard

Check out that nice dashboard !



You can see the number of Cameras, Tags and Users connected.
Below you will find more detailled informations for each components :

  • Tag battery
  • Tag state (lost, tracked, unassigned)
  • MAC address
  • Software version

tag on dashboard


Calibration page updated

The calibration page also received improvements !
Here you can add multiple calibration points at once, by copy pasting the data. It is helpful to calibrate faster when you calibrate often.

multiple point in calibration
When entering the calibration view, you have to put the Tag at the 3D position displayed on the screen, and then you can either :

  • Press space
  • Press calibrate button
  • Press the button on the Tag directly

If a 3D point you have added is not seen by any camera, you can go to the next one by hitting “Next Point” button.


Finally once the calibration is done, you can see the position of camera calculated after the calibration. By this way you can find out if the calibration seems correct.


Camera position after calibration



More to come

Soon we will also show not the camera video feed but almost : a 2D graph per camera with the positions of the Tags in pixels.
Restart buttons are also planned to be implemented, to refresh the software without having to unplug the gateway.


Download Latest Version

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