Let the tests begin!

Friday the 19th, what a day. After a hard week of work, we finally got everything set and we are now in the process of integrating our very bare demo into virtual reality.

It took long, not until our mechanical designer arrived, did we have a chance to really step up our setup. He made some smart parts to attach our camera to the ceiling. This saved us about 30 minutes of calibration a day. Quick tip: do not recalibrate your cameras everyday, if you are developing something, place cameras somewhere where they won’t move and really take your time to calibrate them properly, it’s half the battle. We even use batteries to avoid all the wires, which we recharge daily.

Now that our setup is complete our team can work overtime to deliver the next update, which should allow more trackers with less crashes and bugs. This development is even exciting for me, who knows nothing about coding, because I get to try it out! I must say that all I did today was look around as our VR integration is not yet complete, but it felt good. The scenery has been worked by our developer, he passed his week on it, and it’s nice to see it in virtual reality instead of a computer screen.

The first thing I noticed about it, the sense of scale that you get when you are in virtual reality, it’s mesmerizing. I frankly cannot wait for everything to be complete and for us, red floating spheres to run around a room with floating guns and try to shoot stationary targets. It sounds lame when I say it like that, but we are extremely excited. Less so about the actual things we are doing, but more about the possibilities that come with it. We had a brainstorming session last week, and we came up with so many ideas that developers (wink wink) could do. Our developer himself had two pages of ideas.

Let’s dream, my friends. Here is a quick recap of that brainstorming session:

PowerUp Dodgeball: it is exactly what it sounds like, imagine you are Mega Man and you are shooting tennis balls across the room to hit your friends. Better yet, imagine you pick up the invincible star from Mario and you step in front of a friend to save him from being hit by a basketball (your opponent clearly picked up the red mushroom powerup, because now instead of tennis balls, he is shooting basketballs and is somehow 10ft tall, that’s scary). Another idea, add a Samus suit skin, so now it’s team Mega Man against team Samus.

Harry Potter Reborn: yes, we went there. How about making a deal with Warner Bros and J.K. Rowling? Want to fight death eaters? Done. How about repelling dementors and eating chocolate afterwards? Done and done. In all seriousness, how cool does that sounds, having a spell-based duel game is something incredibly easy to do with our trackers, moving around, dodging, hiding, charging towards your enemy, all very possible. It will be a must go to attraction in Universal Studios. Let’s make that happen Warner Bros, our door is open.

Floor is lava: be a child again, because when you put your headset the floor will be lava. Step carefully, because one misstep could be your doom. Once again, a very simple application. It’s quite easy to make an obstacle based course around this concept of floor is lava.

Overall, last week was great, we got some great work done, and we are very excited to test the demos this week.

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