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Sorry for the disappointment, but VR Tracker is not yet available. We are testing the market to see if enough people are interested in this solution before we finish the development. Still all the solution described in this website has been developed and a prototype is working very well : we have a 5*12 meters setup with 4 cameras that allow you to move around in a VR world, it is very sweet !

If you are interested in this solution, and ready to buy a developer pack (or other pack) when it comes out, please join the waiting list, so we now how many people are really interested. I assure you, we won’t spam you with emails !

Moreover, as this is an Open Source initiative, feel free to join the project and contribute to its development by reaching out to us directly 😉

UPDATE (July 2016) : We are working on a the developper pack version, not prototypes anymore, and we plan to release the Early Birds Versions in October !

100% Goal to start production


Register here

…and get updated as soon as VR Tracker is available !

Register here

…and get updated as soon as the developper pack is out !