Innovinc Competition


From salaries, R&D to all sort of marketing costs to keep this site and everything we use up, running a start-up takes money. We have been pretty much self funded since we started. We grew our company by first selling pre-orders and then selling our product in it’s beta version.

Very recently we were fortunate to win a Business Plan and pitch competition. Run by the Polytechnique and Université de Montreal incubator, the program challenged us to make a detailed business plan and a pitch in front of a panel of judges. They guided through the process or making both the pitch and the business plan. Our coaches gave us the tool to really knock this out of the park.

We are very glad to have taken part in their competition and we strongly recommend other start-ups to do so. It’s a great opportunity to see where you are at and how you should improve. As an entrepreneur, you learn a lot everyday, often by making mistakes. We avoided a great deal of stress and mistakes by taking part in this program. It was fantastic to get feedback on things such as our go to market strategy to our revenue model.

We thank the center as well as all the partners that took part to make this wonderful program possible!

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