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    Jules Thuillier

    Hello everyone !

    I am Jules, the founder of VR Tracker. Welcome to our new Forum ! I am very happy to see that people are getting interested in VR Tracker.

    It started as a simple open source contribution, but as people started requesting dev packs and a forum to talk about the Tech….well here we are !

    Simple rules for the forum :

    • no trash talk will be tolerated
    • Start your conversation with “Hello“, “Hi“, or even “Yo !
    • KISS Keep It Simple Stupid !
    • As this is a new forum don’t hesitate to ask for new categories instead of posting everywhere
    • Have Fun ! We are all here to help each other so let’s just have fun doing it 🙂

    Have a good time writing !


    Hardware Dev

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    seo klinikpoker


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