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    Is it possible to build an Unity multiplayer game for GearVR that uses vr tracker installations in two or more rooms? Is it enough to calibrate the cameras in a particular room? If so, how many cameras can I use on one gateway?

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    Jules Thuillier

    Hi !

    First Unity / GearVR / Multiplayer with VR Tracker is what we often do here 🙂

    Now two or more rooms, do you want the users to walk from a room to another (let’s call it scenario 1) or have separate rooms and keep them in different rooms (scenario 2) ?

    Scenario 1 :

    Totally do able, our current setup is actually installed in two different room, connected to the same Gateway. It is really easy to do that, I mean nothing changes from having the system setup in just one room. You just have to be coherent when calibrating (in the coordinates you enter). And of course have a good wireless router to cover all the rooms. The max number of cameras we have tested is 15, looking at the Gateway load there is no problem to have 20, and we will be testing with more as soon as possible.

    Scenario 2 :

    Here the best way would be creating separate networks, each with its Gateway and set of Cameras and use online networking. Of course the system is not developed to have two setups next to each other for the moment as the Wifi will get in conflict with the other, but we can easily program a specific batch to do so.


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