Is there error logging in VR Tracker?

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    Paul Yeung

    Hi Jules,

    I’m just wondering if there is any provision for error logging/troubleshooting in VR Tracker master control? The reason I ask is because I’m finding it difficult to troubleshooting with things not connecting, the number of tags connected doesn’t match whats on the dashboards, camera’s not powering on properly, tags not communicating to the gateway etc.

    I find myself spending a lot of time turning off my switch, router, cameras, tags, gateway and then power them on one-by-one until everything in the eco system functions correctly again. Its a lot of downtime which can be better spent developing + testing games.

    However, as I write this it could very well be user error too. I’m just not aware of it yet 🙂

    VR Tracker Beta 1 Dev Kit User

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    Jules Thuillier

    Hi Paul,

    I think that you are trying to use a router and switch with the Gateway as explained in the room installation video right ? If so it’s normal you were having connection problems with that : the software do to it were released less than a week ago. So I think you have had 2 wifi with the same SSID on (from the Gateway and router) and therefore some devices connected to one, some other to another…

    Also here is how you should turn the system on :
    First the Gateway, wait for a minute.
    Then Cameras and Tags.

    I will check in you personally over the weekend to make sure you have the right version, and help setup the router properly 😉

    Hardware Dev

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