Editing a topic causes the thread to disappear

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    Paul Yeung

    Hi Mods,

    I’ve created multiple threads not too long ago but they’ve seemed to have vanished after I’ve edited them? I haven’t had a chance to nail down the cause of the issue or note down steps to replicate the problem without spamming the forum. 🙁


    VR Tracker Beta 1 Dev Kit User

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    Jules Thuillier

    Hi Paul !

    Thanks for notifying, I have just updated the forums plugin, hoping to fix this issue. Please tell me if it happens again 😉

    Hardware Dev

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    Jules Thuillier

    Okay I think I found the solution ! The Topic appeared as spam, I thought it might be because of .bin files upload.

    I’ll try to have a closer look at that. I could disable the spam control, but you can’t imagine how many real spam we receive per day…

    Hardware Dev

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