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    I plan to use a 3D tracking system like yours, but since I’m developing already the system, I plan to use it with two pixy cameras even if they are not the fastest system.

    I want to use Processing for getting the xyz from the gateway. Instead of developing my own API, I would like to understand better how is your API for make my software compatible for your API, like this I can move to vrTracker in the future, or even publish a Processing Library for read the vrTracker protocol.

    I’m also needing help for getting a 3D position from the two pixy, any help will be appreciated.

    Regards and thanks for the work.

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    Jules Thuillier

    Hi Lot,

    The API is using websocket connections. SO it’s pretty much compatible with any OS / language. Do you have specific questions about it ?

    Concerning getting the 3D position from the Pixy I would advice you to give a look at our old Git right here

    Cheers !

    Hardware Dev

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