A closer look at VR Tracker (with pics)

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    Paul Yeung

    Hi Trackies!

    I’ve recently bought the VR Tracker Dev Kit and want to give you a closer look at the hardware. Being that this is a start up, do not expect it to be as polished as a fully fledged tracking system such as Optitrack (http://optitrack.com/motion-capture-virtual-reality/).

    However, I think as this system gets further revisions/iterations it will become a fantastic piece of kit which might even compete with Optitrack in the future. Who knows? 😀

    I have no background in VR, Software Development or Unity Development (heck I don’t even have a Vive/Occulus!) but if you have any questions about the VR Tracker system feel free to make a new thread. I’ll do my best to answer your queries! 🙂

    Camera External Casing

    Camera Internals


    Gateway External Casing

    Gateway Internals

    Other Accessories


    VR Tracker Beta 1 Dev Kit User

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