Developer Guide

You will find here different contents to help you integrate VR Tracker to your experience :).

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Latest software versions : Gateway:, Camera: 1.4.0, TagV2: 211, TagV3: 311, Gun: 611

Software beta versions : Gateway:, Camera: 1.4.1, TagV3: 312, Gun: 612

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Gateway beta

  • Improve tracking with new algorithm for detection
  • Add 2 led function to handle offset correction
  • Add command to update the tag through the dashboard in the master control
  • Fix tracking error (tag jump)
  • Fix freeze from bad tag detection beta

  • Improve tag detection
  • Fix camera connection problem

  • Integration of Tag V3 and Gun
  • New detection system
  • Correct tag deconnection detection

  • Fix for position freeze. Some of you may have encounter some problem, with the system not updating the position in some situation. We have solve this problem in this update
  • Fix error on tag reconnection. When the tag is turn off, it might not update correctly its state after turning it back on. Now you should not have problem when assign tags to user
  • Ask for assistance. If you need to ask for our help, you can simply sent us an email, or click on the “ask assistance tab”, we will automatically receive an email with some information on the system, to help you better
  • Calibration confirmation, you can now recalibrate the system, and choose or not to discard the previous calibration for each camera
  • Improve the tag detection, if you do not have a fluid tracking, drop us an email at:, we will help you determine where the problem come from. And we have some big news coming soon 🙂


  • Tag offset, you can now set the orientation offset with the new tags, and get the value in your application.
  • Boundaries size, on the new plugin version, there is a boundaries system to delimit the area where the player can move. It will automatically resize with the value that you will provide on the dashboard
  • Improving the tag detection


  • Snapshot, when selecting a camera in the dashboard, you will be able to take snapshots to adjust the value of the gain and the exposure of each camera
  • Tag reorientation,you will be able to reoriente the tags with the dashboard, instead of clicking on the red button
  • Tag selection, using the dashboard, you will be able to click and see which tag you are selecting, the tag will become green
  • Improve Latency, if you use more than 2 or 3 cameras on Wifi, use a routeur, otherwise you might get big latency on the data transfer


  • FPS stabilisation
  • Tracking algorithm improved
  • Bug fix of fatal bugs
  • Improved broadcast transmission (multiplayer)
  • Improved tracking recovery after Tag collision
  • Position OK after first calibration (no need to reboot the Gateway anymore)


  • New architecture
  • Fix tracking distortion
  • Improved multiple Tag handling
  • Faster association when Tag detected
  • Script to use a Wifi router instead off the integrated antenna



1.4.1 beta

  • Add 2 led feature


  • Add camera mask to remove fix source of IR lights
  • Improve detection of tags
  • Update camera connection to make it faster


  • Gain and Exposure set up can be changed from Master Control
  • Snapshot can be taken from the Master Control to adjust the Gain an Exposure


  • Calibration file in camera
  • Support for new 90° cameras
  • Fix calibration for previous camera
  • LED yellow when camera selected in Master Control
  • Fix in tracking
  • Sensitivity can be changed from Master Control



The tag version is now written depending on its version XXX with the first X the version of the tag. For example a tag V2, will have 2XX.

X12 beta

  • Add 2 Leds feature


  • Update calibration process
  • Update the sensor fusion algorithm
  • Fix error causing deconnection


  • Correct error on certain data received
  • Add new calibration process


  • Transfer orientation data and acceleration through udp
  • Add new sensor fusion algorithm


  • Fix orientation null values
  • Update data sent to the system


  • Fix orientation null values
  • Update data sent to the system


  • Connection using IP not DNS (to use with Wifi router)
  • Fix orientation first datas were wrong