Get Started with VR Tracker !

Let’s start tracking position ! VR Tracker is made of 3 main elements : the Trackers, Gateway and the Cameras. The Trackers will be tracked by the Cameras installed around the room. The Cameras will send all the informations to the Gateway, the brain of VR Tracker that will transform those informations in 3D position.

The Gateway

This is the brain of VR Tracker, everything directly connects to its Wifi Hotspot : the Tags, the Cameras, Users and event the Master Control. It receives all the datas, runs the calculations and transfer the results to each User. It communicates with the User via Wifi or Ethernet using Websockets. Start retrieving all the datas using our API

The Camera

VR Tracker requires at least two cameras to get a 3D position. The are installed around the space to tracked. The camera is using a 5MP sensor running at 50 FPS. All the image analysis is running inside the Camera so very little data has to be sent to the Gateway. The camera connects to the Gateway in Wifi or using Ethernet. The Camera can be also used on battery pack for temporary installations. The Cameras must be calibrated every time they are moved. Learn how :

The Tracker

The Tracker is the object being tracked by the Cameras. It can be used on a VR headset, to track hands, or any accessories you want to create ! The Tracker runs on battery for at least 3 hours. It includes a 9DOF accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope to send orientation data. Finally a GPIO port allow you to connect sensors directly to the Tag to transfer the sensor’s data directly to the Users. Each Tracker is uniquely identified. The identification code can be read under Tag, by scanning the QR Code or NFC Tag for fast association.

Interface with VR Tracker

Connect to VR Tracker Wifi and get your position ! Either use our API and connect to our Websocket server from almost any programming language, or use our Unity plugin and get started in less than 5 minutes !