December Newsletter : Demo Game, Exposure control, Body Tracking, Accessories and New Tags

Hello Trackies !
It’s been a month and we are back with new updates : a Demo Game on the way, exposure control for the Cameras, new Tags in production…

Demo Game 

We are finally getting some time (are we ?) to start a “real” game that could be used as a more polished demonstration. It is being developed for high end headset to use with Bagpack PC. In a few words : you and your team must defend a village as long as possible before your extraction arrives.
More informations in January 🙂
First renders on Unity, this FPS demo will easily scale to different room sizes and more players

Camera exposure control and snapshots 

This feature is still in Beta, but it is really nice if you are having troubles setting with light perturbation or need to see what the camera can see ! You will have to make sure your cameras are up to date (>= 1.3.5) and download the latest dashboard version.
Yes here the snapshot is very grainy, mostly because I had to push the settings to the max to show you and we don’t have much light perturbation in here.
Download Dashboard

Dashboard updates

We have added new features in the dashboard 🙂 :
  • When selecting a tag, you can reoriente the tag in unity, if you don’t want to use the tag’s red button ;). When a tag is selected, it will also turn green, so that you can identify them easily.
  • Now to check the latest version of the software, we added a small button that will redirect you to our website with the latest versions.
  • Bug report, a new tab has been added, so that you can directly share any bug that you might encounter. That will give an easier way for you to tell us what went wrong, and  for us to fix it as soon as possible.

3D print VR Tracker accessories

Download and 3D print different VR Tracker accessories such as Camera holders, or Tag holders for Nerf guns. That will help you greatly during the installation and we are using those every day !
Have a Look

Having fun with Body Tracking

After talking with a Tracky (hey Paul !) who was telling about its game using VR Tracker Tags all over the body I thought “hey I should test that and do a quick demo” ! Here we go, with 5 Tags on my body ! Next step : try with two people and maybe add IK to have a real body instead of squares. Note that with the new Unity plugin, it took maybe 30 minutes to do the all test.
Note about the setup : 9 cameras using ethernet, but not well oriented to look at my foots. Using Oculus headset.

Tag V2 in Production

The final version of our new Tags is currently in production ! Should arrive in Montreal by January 20th. They include a new IMU to avoid orientation drifts. They have a replaceable battery to extend their life without changing the Tag. Their IR Leds are not on the main board anymore, which means that you could put the main board and battery in an accessory (gun) and just have the small IR board out. Finally an expansion plug will allow to connect more sensors to do nice stuffs like kinematic tracking !
Signup for Early Access

Investor News

Two weeks ago we started our Seed Round, and we expect to close it by the end of January. Our goal : get the A Team of developers to bring you games, open our own test Arcade in Montreal to learn and show what you can do with VR Tracker.
If you are interested in being part of the round, get in touch with us quickly at :

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