Camera snapshot, gain & exposure controls

We are continuously improving our software, and we just brought new features for our cameras that you might like 🙂

Problems addressed

It is currently complicated to identify problematic light sources from the sun, halogen lights, and reflections that can occur. The reason for that is that we cannot see what the camera sees.

Secondly, if we manage to identify those light sources, we cannot do much about it, even with the sensitivity settings. And it can often can complicated to setup the cameras in some environments.


Look at the latest Dashboard version above ! As you can see there are more sliders, allowing control over gain and exposure, and a button “Take a Snapshot” to retrieve and see a camera frame. In this example the gain and exposure where to high and the camera saw the ceiling neon lights.

Find out more explanations and examples in the video below :

I hope you liked this update !

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