Use VRTK plugin with VR Tracker for easy interactions

Simple Body Tracking with 5 Tags

December Newsletter : Demo Game, Exposure control, Body Tracking, Accessories and New Tags

Hello Trackies ! It’s been a month and we are back with new updates : a Demo Game on the way, exposure control for the Cameras, new Tags in production… Demo Game  We are finally getting some time (are we … Read More

New Unity Plugin is out !

Camera snapshot, gain & exposure controls

We are continuously improving our software, and we just brought new features for our cameras that you might like 🙂 Problems addressed It is currently complicated to identify problematic light sources from the sun, halogen lights, and reflections that can … Read More

April Newsletter

Hello Dear VR Community ! It’s been a month and we are back with new updates Our store is opened ! After weeks, months of work we have improved our assembly and production, we solved all our problems with suppliers, and we … Read More

Look at the new Master Control

After two months of use, we received many emails asking for help debugging the system. Usually it was only small troubles, but it took us time to figure out their origin. Therefore the new master control is aiming at giving … Read More

Solving your calibration problems

You might have found out, as we did lately, that calibrating many cameras together is pretty hard. It can result in “jumps” when moving from a camera to another. They are two reasons behind this problem. To explain them and … Read More

TUTO : Add a Button to your Tag

VR Tracker Tags come with a GPIO port. What for ? Mostly so you can plug in buttons, triggers, sensors and other devices, and directly use VR Tracker ecosystem to create a tracked controller, weapon for a lasertag, and many … Read More

Unity Integration (old)