vr arcade

It’s the time to open a VR Arcade

Let’s talk about opening a VR arcade. The usual trend for new tech entertainment is, try it outside of your house and once it is affordable, buy yours. Be it with TVs, consoles or all sort of headsets and earphones. … Read More

Motion tracking

It’s time to start developing!

  As you might have noticed, a lot of things have been brewing here, a new test room, some changes in our staff and a lot of new programs we are taking a part in! Our motion tracking system, is … Read More

Changing the Design

Everything has been going smoothly over the past few weeks. Our improvements always come from three fronts: camera software, position calculation by the gateway and of course the tag software and hardware. Today we would like to discuss the later, … Read More

What we learned in UI for VR

Information versus noise How important is the UI, or User Interface? Well, extremely. It is the way the game communicates and provides important information to players. Effective UIs provide only information that is crucial to players and leave out information … Read More

What about multiplayer in VR?

Multiplayer vr, and multiplayer in video games, we are all about it. Our tracking system being able and intended for multiplayer experiences in virtual reality, we decided to elaborate a little bit more on multiplayer experiences in general! Let’s talk … Read More

body tracking

Body tracking? Yes we can

Before we talk about Body tracking, with the conclusion of the Startup Fest that happened last week in Montreal we finally get a chance to focus once again on our system. We met a lot of great people and got … Read More

Innovinc Competition

  From salaries, R&D to all sort of marketing costs to keep this site and everything we use up, running a start-up takes money. We have been pretty much self funded since we started. We grew our company by first … Read More

Position Tracking in Architecture?

Let’s talk about architecture vr. Innovation is all around us. Some industries have the tendency to adopt technology faster than others. While some embrace technology, others are risk-averse and dislike change. Yet, we always find ways to make use of technology … Read More

Where is VR going? E3 VR Roundup

  Where is VR going? E3 VR Roundup Part of my job here at VR Tracker is to keep up with all VR trends, be it in relation to games, applications, or new software. One thing is clear, VR is … Read More

Our Test Room

Last week something great happened to us. We got offered a 50 square meters room to have our tests in. The best thing about having an entire room for us is that we can wire it. Even though our equipment … Read More