April Newsletter

Hello Dear VR Community !
It’s been a month and we are back with new updates

Our store is opened !

After weeks, months of work we have improved our assembly and production, we solved all our problems with suppliers, and we are now ready to produce more and more often. Soon our team will grow and we will have people taking care of production all day long. 



Production in progress 

Some stock is already about to ship and we are assembling even more 🙂 


VR Tracker Tags production



Tag Acceleration

Retrieve the acceleration of the Tag IMU directly, just like you do for the orientation :





Master control Dashboard

The Master control received some nice updates, and more improvements are coming. You are now able to see what is connected, the software version of all your devices, if your Tags are currently tracked and more…
In the next release you will be able to control each camera sensitivity. This is currently under testing and will be part of the new architecture.

VR Tracker Master Control




Trade show : Laval Virtual, Viva Tech in June 

We just came back from Laval Virtual  Trade Fair in France last week. We have demonstrated our system, met lots of people, and what we saw confirmed we are working in the right direction !
If you have missed us, we will be at Viva Tech in Paris from the 15 to 17 of June.

VR Tracker at Viva Technology



Wand Calibration, New Architecture : The Good Stuff 

You might have read our article explaining what was wrong with the calibration. Well we have been testing different methods to improve calibration, especially over large areas, and it looks like we have found a solution. First we implemented a fix in the calibration process about 2 days ago that managed to improve the match between calibration points and the data computed after. But we are also integrating a method to calibrate the cameras all together, which means that the tracking from a camera to another will be much smoother. The first fix will be released as part of our new architecture and the second should come within 6 weeks top.

Now what is that “new architecture” ?
With the Early Birds, we found out that some of the software had to be revised, and sometimes instead of trying to fix many small things, it is better to get back to our big building blocks and revise them. This is what we are currently doing, and that is why we did not send software updates recently : we directly integrate those updates in this new version.
We prepare this architecture so it can support the Wand Calibration, but also handle all the Multiplayer communications, and be able to track more Tags at the same time.
This brand new version should be released within 4 weeks. We still need to test it intensively, but believe it is worth the wait !


This ends our newsletter. I hope you liked the update !
Happy coding !

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