Accessories and 3D Models

If you need accessories for VR Tracker technologies, you can 3D print them yourself ! You will find all the files and informations in this page !


Camera holders


Main Holder


Tripod / Ceiling holder


Screw holder


Headset holder


Tag V1 Strap holder


Tag V1 Nerf Gun holder


Tag V2 Headset holder


Battery Holder

For testing and wireless installation we often use the system on battery. We found out a specific battery that performs particularly well, here is the link to buy it. Please be careful, we have tested many other batteries with the exact same specifications but that would not work. We don’t sell batteries either because it gets very complicated to ship.

EasyAcc 10000mAh 3.1A


Battery holder

We often use with velcro strap around the tripod

// TODO : add photo tripod


Battery Ceiling Support

But you can also use screws, or this extra accessoires for ceilings :