6 DOF controller based on the Tag V2

We started with a Tag on the headset, it allowed us to freely roam in large room with other and any headset. Then we attached our Tags to weapon and started shooting at zombies together. Today we understood that VR multiplayer games is not all about shooting things but also interacting with all the environment. Every VR headset has it’s own controller, but their tracking is limited.

We had very quickly designed what we called “the wand” that you may have seen in videos, basically it was a Tag with a switch in something we could hold in our hands. It was very raw, not that practical, but it was a start. 

We therefore decided to create our own tracked controller. Since the beginning we have been saying that our Tags could be quickly integrated into anything, and here is the proof ! It took about 10 days to design a 3D printed controllers, update the software to integrate the Trackpad, do a few test print / update loop and there we are !

You can see the components below :

  • Tag V2 circuit
  • a few wires
  • The IR board
  • 2 pushbuttons
  • 1 circular trackpad
  • 1 battery
  • 3D printed case


We assembled everything…




And there we go ! We have a 6 DOF controller with a trackpad to interact with the VR World !!!



We have not yet planned to sell those controllers. If we do they would cost around 70$ each, and as we like forms to test what we should do, here you can register to get your controllers. If we collect enough “pre-orders” we will release the controllers !


Get my Controller


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