Torrus first game is out : Toy’s Uprising

With Torrus we are aiming at releasing a complete package for a turnkey VR experience. And today we are proud to announce that our first game is out ! Toy’s Uprising is a cooperative survival shooter designed for all the family. … Read More

Open Source Hand Tracking ?

Hello Trackies ! We are back with some R&D updates 🙂 Lately we have been thinking a lot about VR interactions in VR Arcades/LBE. We have seen that many people who have never experienced virtual reality can have a hard … Read More

Handling IMU Drift

Let’s talk IMUs IMU stands for Inertial Motion Unit, basically when you use an IMU it is mostly because you need the orientation of something. You will find 6DOF and 9DOF IMUS (sometimes even 10DOF), DOF are the Degrees of … Read More