VR Tracker has a Plan

As we are getting close to the expected amount of pre-order to start a production, we had to come up with a real plan to go from a prototype to a real end product. With the prototypes, we validated that … Read More

A brand new Forum for the Community

Have you seen our brand new Forum yet ? With just installed it after I received some demands from the community. People wanted a place to exchange on the technology and a forum is the best way to do so. I … Read More

Meet the Team

VR Tracker is no more a single man project ! I (Jules) have been developing the prototypes alone, and published it on Hackaday to share this with the Open Source community. As people started asking me for Developer Packs I … Read More

Getting accurate position data

Getting accurate data from sensors in robotic is always complex, and getting accurate position with cameras is almost the same problem : The data we get (either from sensors like an accelerometer or GPS, or from camera) can be shaky. … Read More