Three products, that together do amazing things!

Essential to all your virtual experience needs

The Tracker

The main tracker. It tracks you and your objects, with a plug-in port, charger and a calibrator.

The Brain

The gateway through which everything is processed. The Brain calculates all data gathered by The Camera and The Tracker.

The Camera

This camera sees your tracker, it covers a wide area and sees everything up to 10m.

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The Perks

Add movement to your VR experience

Move around in a VR world as you move in a room. This will make your VR experience much more incredible. Using at least 2 cameras, VR Tracker can track your position in any room. A unique free roaming VR experience.

Speed and precision

VR Tracker updates the position at 50FPS ! Precision is great too, and you can always improve it with more cameras. We also include smoothing algorithms and position prediction algorithms to remove any latency.

Scale as much as you want

You want to track users in more than one room ? Add as much cameras as you want and scale the tracked area, number of users, and tracking quality !

Wireless and Transportable

The system is fully Wireless ! Even better : you can use it for hours on battery. Take it with you to show VR experiences wherever you want !

All with an easy setup

A simple three step installation process

Step 1: Install our Cameras

Install the cameras inside the room, ideally one per three square meters. You will want to make sure all corners and points of the room are visible by at least one camera.

Step 2: Add our Trackers

Add our Trackers to the users headsets. You may also add them to guns or any other objects that you want your users to interact with. These little trackers are what makes the experience highly interactive.

Step 3: Plug your game and play

Create your games and add our plugins. Once the game is developed, the installation process is easy, practically a plug in and play. This will allow your experience to be highly scalable in itself.

Compatible with every VR/AR headset in the World, such as :

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“Not So Fluffy !” Co-op shooter

“Paintball VR” PVP shooter


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